These tools keep us moving forward 💓

Pick and choose the options that work best for you!

Here's what's in our toolbox. You'll find everything that we use to build websites, connect with clients, and get paid online while putting our health first. While we're a proud affiliate of many of the services below, we only recommend tools that we love and use ourselves. These tools are all easy to use. Whenever possible, we use free tools. And when we spend, we make sure it's worth our money! 

Make Your Website 🍒

Namecheap — our favorite platform for buying domains get 15% off your domain with the code MYDOMAIN15

Grow Community 🌾

Moosend — easy to learn email marketing service that's great for beginners FREE Option

Tailwind — powerful tool for automating posts and connecting with new followers FREE Month

WooCommerce SEO Made Easy — learn all the basics you need to know to show up in Google results with this self-guided tutorial FREE

Talk.To — live chat for talking to visitors and clients FREE

Book Clients ⚡

Acuity — for scheduling calls or visits 2 WEEKS FREE and worth the price

Google Fi — for phone service with simple pricing and smart coverage $20 off and worth the price

Jitsi Meet — secure video chat for hosting calls FREE

Dubsado — the best client relationship management system for creatives FREE Starter Option

HubSpot — for organizing and tracking relationships with clients FREE Option

Make Stuff Pretty 🌺

Canva — for making graphics for your social media, blog, and shop FREE Option

RawPixel — for finding stock photos, mockups and inspiration for graphics FREE Option

Coolors and Colorbook — for creating, saving, sharing and falling in love with color palettes FREE

Fiverr — for logo and animation design, copywriting, and other freelance services AFFORDABLE

Get Paid 🍓

Square and Stripe — for encrypted PCI compliant payments online worth the price

TrueBill — for optimizing spending, managing subscriptions, lowering bills, and staying on top of your finances FREE

Robinhood — for making investments and buying cryptocurrencies NO FEES AND ONE FREE STOCK


Stay Organized 🍱

Gmail — for your business email FREE Option

Google Drive — for storing, organizing, and sharing files FREE Option

Dropbox — for storing, organizing, and sharing files FREE Option

Trello — for tracking and managing projects FREE Option

LastPass — for managing passwords worth the price


Automate Yourself 👽

Printful — product design and drop shipping for creating a fully automated print shop NO upfront costs

IFTTT — everyday automation for helping your apps and devices work together in new ways FREE

Zapier — business automation that connects all kinds of apps to create awesomely easy workflows FREE Option


Don't Lose Your Head 🐳

Talkspace — for daily therapy on the go $50 off your 1st month and worth the price

Flower & Frequency — for meditation and deep relaxation therapy FREE Option

Obsidian Moon Astrology Jaliessa Sipress, astrology that makes spirituality and self-care simple FREE manifestation guide and worth the price

Fabulous — for building healthy rituals and habits FREE Option

Parsley Health — primary care with a root-cause approach and focus on data worth the price