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Want to know my secret to great writing? I use an automated personal editor. This writing tool is perfect for creatives. In this post, I’ll tell you why I picked up this secret and how I use it to make my writing process painless.

Words checked with Grammarly over time. Grammarly is my secret to perfect writing.
Reports like this from my editor really pump me up.

To be honest, when someone recommended my automated editor to me for the first time, I was a little offended. I was finishing my philosophy degree. I was a writing tutor at the library. I taught English students how to structure perfect papers and fix grammar. I taught journalism students to augment their arguments to meet the requirements of their prompts. I stayed late during exam week to teach writers how to craft more convincing narratives.

So, when my boss at the Writing Center gave me a free trial to Grammarly, I was like, what?? Why? Didn’t you train me to not need help with grammar? And then I fell in love.

I quickly realized that Grammarly isn’t glorified spellcheck, and now I truly understand its power. I’m glad that I started using it back then because it helped me to where I am today. Using Grammarly helped me apply for jobs and pass every course in grad school. Grammarly’s helped me pitch grant proposals, answer customer support questions, and design products.

My Little Grammarly is All Grown Up

Blows my mind that if I had a kid when I started using Grammarly, she’d be NINE years old now. It’s been fascinating to see Grammarly evolve over the years. Each year the tool gets better as they refine algorithms and blend more artificial intelligence.

Here are a few reasons why I think Grammarly is the only writing tool you’ll ever need.

The First Secret to Perfect Writing: Grammarly is fast and easy to use.

You can use Grammarly on your phone and on your browser. There’s a plugin for Chrome and apps for iOS and Android. I use the Chrome plugin to edit messages in Gmail and any other writing I do online. I use the Android app to edit my Instagram posts and any documents I’m updating on the go using Google Docs. I also use Grammarly on my iPad, which is excellent for when I want to create a calm, peaceful environment for writing (without so many notifications).

Grammarly is somehow very accurate and tough on your writing, but also friendly and adjustable. You can set your tone to meet the needs of your audience, which is something I really love. I can tell Grammarly if I’m writing to describe, inform, or tell a story. And because Grammarly does all of this behind the scenes, it takes the energy out of writing.

I focus on the message that I’m trying to get across instead of remembering the right way to spell or notice that I’m using repetitive words. One of my worst habits that Grammarly always makes suggestions for is super long sentences. Those are not good for general audiences. My head strings a group of ideas together and writes one sentence. So Grammarly is continuously like, “Excuse me? Hello. Hey girl, you need to shorten your sentence. Okay, hey, me again here to say this is too long.” When I’m trying to get complicated concepts across clearly, Grammarly is the perfect cold splash of water, that tells me, “nobody is going to understand this mess!”

The Second Secret to Perfect Writing: Grammarly is Your Free AI Editor on Staff.

The second reason why Grammarly is my secret to perfect writing is that there’s a free option and it’s free forever. You can keep using Grammarly to improve your writing without ever having to pay for anything. I challenge you to do even take some past copy of yours and put it into Grammarly. See what your score is and what you’d do differently. Now imagine having Grammarly working over your shoulder all day.

There are two ways you can use Grammarly. You can go to the app in your browser and open a new document and then write inside your personal editor. I like to use this option when I need to focus. It’s perfect for when I don’t want to have a bunch of tabs open or have notifications popping up. I can open a browser, turn off my notifications, and zone out on the digital paper itself. It really helps me get into a good flow.

A screenshot of Glow Creatively's Grammarly dashboard. Grammarly's personal editor is my secret to perfect writing.
A peek at the dashboard for my personal Grammarly editor.

You can use Grammarly across all of your devices. I have a plugin on my browser, and I also use it on my phone, so I can check my writing anywhere. It’s like having a writing angel in my pocket! I use it on my iPad, and there’s a plugin for Microsoft Office that I’ve used before too. I love having Grammarly on the clock, making sure I don’t sound like a dumb ass even if I’m writing at 2 am. If I’m editing a paper, I don’t have to stare at the words until they blend together. Grammarly really helps me take a fresh look at what I’m writing.

Grammarly gives me simple suggestions that help me improve my writing in ways that aren’t basic. It helps me make my content informative and unique.

The Third Secret to Perfect Writing: Don’t be a Copy Cat, use Grammarly’s Plagiarism Checker

The third reason why I think Grammarly is the only tool you’ll ever need for writing is the plagiarism checker. This comes with Grammarly Premium. And I have to be entirely honest here, I’m hooked on the premium version of Grammarly. I started out with the student trial of Grammarly. I enjoyed their student discount for years. And after leaving grad school, I decided to make the commitment and pay for this as my writing assistant because it’s just done so much to benefit my work. With the premium version, I get a plagiarism checker that allows me to check any of my writing for plagiarism. The checker works really fast, and it checks millions of web pages for my writing. The free version is great, and the premium version is super powerful.

Side by side comparison of free and premium Grammarly accounts
I’m a sucker for the premium plan’s genre-specific checks and plagiarism checker.

The plagiarism checker is useful for me because I’m often writing about things that are commonly talked about. They’ve been written about before, but I need to make sure that I’m framing ideas in ways that haven’t been used previously. The plagiarism checker helps me know that I’m not just regurgitating other people’s information. Grammarly’s got my back and makes sure that everything’s clear. If your writing is unoriginal it’s far from perfect. But now you have my secret to perfect writing, plagiarism check!

A screenshot showing the notice when Grammarly checks for plagiarism. Plagarism check is the secret to perfect writing!
Plagiarism isn’t cute.

It really feels like a breath of fresh air to have the plagiarism checker go through your writing and then say “Everything is fine. None of this is plagiarized!”

And yeah, it stings a little bit when it says this is an original or you need to look into this and this to check and make sure that your writings unique, but I can assure you that it’s going to do nothing but make your communication better. And at the end of the day, Grammarly saves you a lot of energy (no plagiarism accusations to worry about!).

Okay, so those are really my top three reasons why I think Grammarly is the shit. But I’ll tell you why I genuinely believe every creative entrepreneur needs to sign up.

I 💖 automation

Because I’m all about things that save me time in my day. And I can’t add up the amount of time Grammarly’s saved me. You deserve more free time too!

The last thing I want to do is have to reach out to a friend to see if they can do me a favor to look over a resume before I send it over with an email or ask a team member to use precious time rereading something that they’ve already worked on with me. With one click, I get that one final review with Grammarly, and I can assure that my editing is done fast and effectively. Grammarly is my biggest writing secret because I’ve improved my writing and impressed a lot of coworkers and clients. Here’s what it looks like when I use Grammarly to write an email:

A screenshot showing how to set goals in Grammarly.
I spill out a messy draft, then set my goals for Grammarly.
A screenshot showing the editing process with Grammarly and Gmail. Another reason why Grammarly is my secret to perfect writing.
Grammarly walks me through all the improvements I can make. I accept the changes that fit and improve my overall score, which tells me how close I am to reaching the goals I set.

Let me know what you think when you try it yourself. But once you try the free version and realize how much time you’re saving, you’ll definitely be interested in the plagiarism checker. And all that other time that it can save you just by giving you props for alternative words that are common and fixing your sentences, making everything simple and easy to read and write.

Bonus Tip: How to Make an Automated Writing Workflow

Here’s how I used Grammarly today to write this post. Feel free to take this workflow yourself! Use my secret to perfect writing 🙂

How to Use Otter Voice Notes and Grammarly to Automate Your Writing

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Use Otter Voice Notes and Grammarly to Automate Your Writing Workflow

  1. Create an outline for your post

    Brainstorm and take messy notes. Make bullet points to highlight your main ideas.

  2. Record what you want to say

    Pretend you’re speaking to your audience and speak your heart out.

  3. Create an automated transcription using Otter Voice Notes

    You can record directly to or upload your audio file. Otter Voice Notes will transcribe your voice into words.

  4. Copy and paste the transcription into your editor

    To save time, put your transcript directly into your WordPress Gutenburg Editor.

  5. Set goals in Grammarly to get writing suggestions tailored to your audience

    Use the Grammarly plugin for Google Chrome. Make sure you’re logged into Grammarly and click the icon to update your goals.

  6. Use Grammarly to work on the correctness, clarity, engagement, and delivery of your writing

    Review each suggestion made by Grammarly. Accept or reject the changes as needed.

  7. Run a plagiarism check to ensure your content is unique

    Click the Plagiarism checker button and watch Grammarly compare your content to millions of websites. Update any flagged issues.

  8. Review results and publish!

    Add any images and captions. Grammarly checks those too! Review your final Grammarly score and then publish.

Interested in learning about other tools that I love? Check out my favorite resources for creatives. Want to talk about Grammarly or another tip that you want to use? Book a free strategy call with me to talk about your goals.