Grow Mija

Iliana, aka Grow Mija, is a queer Latinx illustrator, mother and pug whisperer born and raised in the San Fernando Valley. Grow Mija is currently based in Denver, Colorado. 

Iliana started her Insta page @GrowMija as a love letter to her baby sister, Chachis, to show her art that looked like her and to let her know how amazing she is. Now Grow Mija shares her love letter with the world. Grow Mija’s message is simple:



To keep up with Iliana, follow her on Instagram and TikTok. The best ways to support Grow Mija are buying from her shop and becoming a member of her Patreon. You can also share your love with Grow Mija by donating via Venmo or Cashapp. To hire Grow Mija for commercial work, reach out to her agency Anna Goodson Illustration.